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Consider some ideas for your seminar project. Think about topics that will work well as a traditional essay and that can be adapted to an online format. Do this before class.

I’m still trying to rattle some ideas; I think I want to maybe do writing through Alzheimer’s. I came across a book called Still Alice By Lisa Genova which is about Alice Howland – Harvard professor, gifted researcher and lecturer, … Continue reading

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Write about an “object” (in Damasio’s sense of the term) that shapes or changes you.

An object that has changed me is the beach, the sense of walking on that sand and having it get all between my toes, the softness while you lay on it, being able to shape it into anything you want. … Continue reading

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Recount a neurological experience, using Hustvedt’s writing as a model.

Not so sure this count as neurological. Anyway so one day I had gone to the dermatologist just for a checkup and while just getting a routine body scan the dermatologist had come across a beauty mark that was unusually … Continue reading

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What I have learned from Hustvedt’s is that in my point of view she is a hypochondriac. It’s just bizarre to me how she can deliver a speech at her father’s funeral with no problem and then two in a … Continue reading

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A couple of weeks ago I had a dream about my grandma, It started at night and everyone was asleep and she had woken up in the middle of the night and opened up the front door and was attempting … Continue reading

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