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while reading The Diving Bell and the butterfly, I was getting so upset, I couldn’t imagine going from one extreme to another. Bauby went from and editor at Elle magazine which is huge, talking about fashion ideas for the upcoming seasons I’m sure going to lavish parties with celebrities at high end places to laying in a hospital bed only to be able to blink with one eye. If I was in that position and knew how I lived my life before and my only communication is from and eye blink I don’t think I would be able to handle. What strikes me is how amazing this is, I mean for god sakes the man wrote a book from blinking, are you kidding me. I bow down to him because he didn’t give up on life, he was still in this world and he was going to do incredible things. Someone had recommended this movie to me its called The Sessions, if you haven’t seen it yet it’s a must! It’s actually based on a true story which makes it that much better. Without giving anything away it’s basically about this man who is approaching forty and he’s had polio since the age of six. He is paralyzed from the neck down and can only be out of his iron lung for 3-4 hours and basically he wants to have sex so he gets in touch with this sex therapist that has sex with disabled people (yes this is a real profession) and ill leave off there so you can find out the rest.

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