Blog 26: Reflect on the feedback you’ve received on your final project and your plans for adapting it for our website

The feedback has really helped me to adapt to the website, the suggestions Professor Tougaw have pointed out as to what I should include in the website and even what to break up on certain pages had made it easier to adapt to the website. I think the part I will most likely struggle with is making sure I do not write it like an essay and adapt to it fit the web expectations. I wish I had more time to have been able to written another draft but I didn’t, I could of develop my thesis futhur to get a clearer point across to the reader. My pages for the web project will be broken into
-debates about memory and identity
-introducing the writers telling about their work and where they stand in the debate
-the effects of memory loss on families
-depression and anxiety created by memory loss.
-conclusion that focuses on what is preserved when memory goes.

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